Day Sixteen; Molasses Crinkle Cookies

It’s day Sixteen! I can’t believe there are only 9 days till Christmas! My house is of course crazy busy baking and wrapping presents and many other festive things, it has been hard trying to find time to write among the madness, but here we are day 16 and still going strong! Any way this time of the year I love anything spiced. I just love cinnamon and cloves and all the other spices. So, naturally any cookie that has that spicy smell, I am all over it! I am also I huge fan of cookies that are crunchy yet chewy in the center. And I really love any cookie that is nostalgic to me. When I was growing up, the lady that lived next door was a friend of my mom’s. She was more like family than she was just a neighbor, and she and my mom would always do a cookie exchange. I loved it because she always made these cookies called molasses crinkles. They were crunchy on the outside and chewy in the inside and they were a spiced cookie. When I got older and I started to bake by myself, she gave m…

Day Fifteen; Seven Christmas Movies I Love

It’s day fifteen! Today I would like to revisit my list of favorite Christmas movies. Oddly enough on this day last year is when I first posted my favorite Christmas movie list. Last year my list was 15 movies long simply because I couldn’t narrow it down any more than that. However, since I have had a whole year, I believe I have narrowed it down a little. So without further ado, here is my narrowed down Christmas Movie List.
Arthur Christmas (2011): This one had to make the list! I love this movie, it serves as a good reminder that putting in the extra effort could really make a difference in someone’s life.

The Polar Express (2004): My love for this move stems down to my dad’s efforts to keep my sister and I believing in Santa Clause. After this movie came out, my dad had somehow found a bell that looked a lot like the one in the movie and placed it somewhere that we would find it. That bell kept me believing in Santa for four years after that Christmas.

The Holiday (2006): This m…

Day Fourteen; Gingerbread Cookies

It’s day fourteen! A couple of days ago I mentioned that my favorite Christmas Cookie is gingerbread cookies. I love the way the rich smell just fills the whole house. Ginger bread is the smell of Christmas to me. Anyway, talking about ginger bread the other day inspired me to make some and I thought that I would share the recipe I used with you all.

The recipe I used this time is different from the one that I have previously used. The one that I have used for years is too soft because it is adapted from a gingerbread bread recipe and I was trying to find a recipe that I will be able to use to make a gingerbread house out of, so it needed to be a more study, slightly crunchy cookie. This is the recipe I have found and tweaked to make it my own.

Ingredients ½ cup (1 stick) butter, softened½ cup packed brown sugar1/3 cup water1/3 cup molasses1 egg4 cups all-purpose flour2 teaspoons baking soda1 teaspoon ground ginger½ teaspoon ground allspice½ teaspoon ground cinnamon½ teaspoon ground …

Day Thirteen; A Christmas Sick Day

Dear Readers,
 It’s day thirteen! I apologize if the blog posts the last few days haven’t been up to standard, I have been extremely busy, which to be honest I did not account for in all of my planning. Today I have been in bed all day, sick. I always get sick at some point during Christmas time and now is my time. I have decided though through my cold medicine induced haze I at least needed to write this quick explanation as to why there really isn’t a festive blog post today. I promise I will be back on it tomorrow, but until then feel free to catch up on any blog post that you haven’t gotten the chance to read. Have a great night!
Yours truly,
Abba Grace

Verse of the Day:
"I can do all things through Christ, wh strengthens me."
~Phillipians 4:13~

Day Twelve; Prayer To Find Your Christmas Spirit

It’s day 12! I am under a bit of a time crunch today as I have had quite the hectic day! As I have had a busy day I thought I would just share a quick thought.
Today I was in town with my family finishing up some Christmas shopping. Town was busy as it always is this time of the year, but it was missing something. I kept trying to figure it out and nothing was coming to mind. I kept going over my list in my head, making sure that I hadn’t forgotten anything I needed. When I had gone over my mental list about five times, something occurred to me; it was not something that I had forgotten that I was missing. I was missing Christmas decorations hung in the businesses, I was missing smiles on people’s faces, I was missing kind wishes to have a Merry Christmas.
I was missing the appearance of Christmas, less than two weeks before Christmas! I couldn’t believe it. Not only was I missing the appearance of Christmas, I was missing that Christmas feeling. It was very disappointing. People h…

Day Eleven; It's My Twenty Second Birthday!

It’s day eleven! It is currently 10pm the night before my 22nd birthday, however as you are reading this it is my birthday! Now that I am in my twenties, my birthday doesn’t seem as special, it just seems like another day, but I do have quite a relaxing day planned so I am still looking forward to it. I think that that just naturally happens as we get older, the excitement of birthdays just tends to wear off. I remember when I was a kid, I would start planning my next birthday the day after my birthday.
Surprisingly, when I was a kid I absolutely hated that my birthday was exactly 2 weeks before Christmas. All our Christmas decorations would always be up on my birthday so it made it hard to decorate for my birthday. My friends used to also get me Christmas themed presents because all the Christmas gift sets and stuff would already be out in stores. However, as I have gotten older I have learned to really love it, because as I have grown my love for Christmas has grown.
Also, my birt…

Day Ten; 22 Things I Love About Christmas

Its day 10! For today I thought I would share with you all some of the reasons why I love Christmas and the whole season that surrounds it. I also thought since this Christmas will be my 22nd I thought that I would share 22 things I love about Christmas! It was quite hard narrowing it down but I think I chose the things that I like best about Christmas.
Celebrating Jesus; Jesus is the Reason for the season.
Learning more about Jesus; there is so much more to Jesus than people realize, and I think that around Christmas people are much more willing to learn more about Jesus.
The all over feeling of joy; maybe it’s just me but I notice all over feeling of joy in the air, in grocery stores and shopping malls, at churches and even at home, everything just seems brighter.
Decorating; decorating gets me in the Christmas Spirit.
Looking at Decorations; I love taking drives around town after dark just to look at Christmas lights, it is one of my families oldest traditions and I love it!
More time t…