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The Top 5 Best Things About Fall

Fall is finally here! That means that this blog is about to get cozier content. With as much as I write  about how much I love fall, I would be very surprised if this is a shock to you, but I am thrilled that my favorite season is now here. There are so many things about autumn that I am looking forward to that I thought that I would go ahead and just list them out for you here. So here are my top 5 favorite things about Fall; Crisp Mornings There is nothing better than drinking hot coffee while wrapped in a soft blanket and sitting on my front porch watching the sunrise. The crisp coldness of the air just makes me feel so refreshed and just ready for the day. The crisp breeze wakes me feel more awake than the coffee does and I just try to soak up as much of it as I possibly can before winter hits. Beautiful Fall Colors Unfortunately, where I live there aren’t very many trees that turn those vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red. The leaves usually turn a lighter almost yellow shad…
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Fall TV Series Premieres That I Can't Wait For

I am not going to bore you with yet another intro talking about how excited I am for fall (I think I have delivered that message well enough). But I am going to tell you about how excited I am for the fall tv series premiers. Over the last week or so, my allergies have been terrible, so much so that I have had to take Benadryl and lay in bed a lot. The first day I watched Hocus Pocus like 4 times in a row because there was nothing on tv. The second day I found myself really missing my fall/winter tv programs. There was nothing on, I didn’t have anything recorded and I really didn’t feel like watching a movie. So to say the least I am thrilled that some of my favorite programs will be back next week for the moments that I just need some down time.  I am not going to go into detail of what the program is but I will link a description on the titles. Without, further ado, here are the programs I am most looking forward to this fall. Lethal Weapon

Criminal Minds
Young Sheldon




Life Update: Is it Autumn Yet?

I am currently watching Hocus Pocus…. In the beginning of September. As you may be able to tell I am a little too excited for Autumn to start. I love this time of the year. I say it repeatedly all the time but my favorite time of the year is September to January. I love the cool weather and the festive feeling. When I was younger I thought my favorite time of the year was summer but I think that is only because I wasn’t in school and I could do whatever I wanted without worrying about homework. But I guess this has always been my favorite time of the year because it brings families closer together and it allows time to just settle down and enjoy life. It almost feels as if time moves slower when the days get colder and the nights get longer.
Anyway, that’s not really what I am going to write about today. It is after all still technically Summer for few more weeks. I kind of just wanted to do a quick life update post as I haven’t done one in a while. I wanted to write something very r…

10 Versus For Growth

It’s the first day of September! That can only mean three things; 1) If you’re a Harry Potter fan all the young witches and wizards are headed back to Hogwarts for another term, and 2) Fall is almost here and of course 3) Everything pumpkin spice is now available! Ok now that we go all that out of the way I have a few things that I want to mention before I get to today’s post; 1) Over the last week I had the amazing privilege of getting to spend time with my Great Grandmother Fonda. She is my las remaining great grandparent and I cherished the moment of her telling me stories of her past and getting to learn so many things about my family that I didn’t know before. 2) I wrote an article about loneliness on that you should definitely go check out because I put a lot of effort and emotion into it. 3) It’s Labor Day weekend! It is time to relax, unwind and have fun! Please be safe! The traffic can get crazy so please drive safe!
Now if you are still with me after that …

Bake My Day; Blueberry Muffins

Summer is almost gone. Kids have gone back to school, the sun is setting earlier and there is a slight cool breeze out side that can only mean that Fall is right around the corner. I know that it isn't quite fall yet but as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, I cant help but start to feel in the mood for a bit of baking. I know, I get a little over excited for Fall weather, but I can't help it! I say it all the time but it is my favorite time of the year. However, since it actually isn't Fall, I won't start pulling out the pumpkin recipes just yet. Instead I pulled out the summer equivalent; Blueberry muffins. 
Blueberry muffins are a classic breakfast food, and you can find them almost every where from quaint little bakeries to grocery stores and gas stations; but there is nothing better than a homemade treat. Although, they seem to be a breakfast staple, blueberry muffins are enjoyed for several occasions. Now I can go on forever talking about blueberry …

Purpose for Every Pain

Ok, I am going to be really real with you all during this blog post. I have been so focused on coming up with good thoughtful topics that I haven’t been looking where there is an abundance of them, which is in the bible. I have been reading my bible everyday, but for some reason it never even crossed my mind to look for writing inspiration. As this thought crossed my mind I had been reading in the book of Job and I want to share with you all a few things that stirred my soul.
In Job 1:1-5 the Bible tells us what kind of guy Job is. He is a righteous man, a kind man and a man of God.  Then as you read further, it tells us that his sons were not so upright but he burnt offerings to God for them, he prayed for them. He had a very close bond with God.  Now if you have ever read the book of Job then you know that God allows Satan to attack Job’s way of life to test his faith in God. Now, God didn’t allow Satan to attack Job because he was mad at Job, he didn’t allow it because he wanted t…

7 Books I Want to Read Before 2017 Ends

I love reading, which probably isn’t a surprise to any of you if you have been reading my blog for a while, or if you know me in person. I have loved reading since before I could even comprehend words on a page. I have my parents to thank for that. They made the effort every single night to read my sister and I to sleep from day one. When we got a bit older, before we could watch tv we had to read for at last 30 minutes. Then it got to the point that I would get up early in the morning just to read, and there were also times that everyone else would be watching tv and I would have a book in my lap. I read so much growing up that I couldn’t even tell you the title of most of them unless they were in front of my face.
As I got older I had less and less time to read, so when I was in high school, I would often spend my nights reading instead of sleeping, then go to school the next day on 3-5 hours of sleep. Not healthy, wouldn’t recommend it, but, I also don’t regret it. Those nights a…